simpligility technologies inc. is ready and able to make things simple for your customers and clients, your partners, your team and yourself. We understand that with the rapid changing environment in information technology and beyond you are struggling to become or stay agile and adaptable.

Combined with the increased complexities of the systems all of us build every day, we got a challenge. With years of experience Manfred Moser is able to understand complex requirements, business processes and software systems and cut through all the distractions to the core purpose and aim of an application. With this background we are proud to offer the following services:

Open Source, Developer Advocacy and Outreach
Experienced mentor, teacher and blogger having written hundreds of blog posts, presented at numerous events and taught thousands of developers
Software Architecture, Development and Design
Knowledgeable in many areas including Android, Cloud Native as well as in the greater Java ecosystem including Java, JEE, Groovy and many frameworks and libraries ready to help
Build and Release Engineering
Leveraging the power of Apache Maven and related tools and technologies and a solid foundation of understanding and experience with build and release management helping you towards regular seamless improvements for your users
CI/CD and DevOps Process Introduction
Getting the essentials for you up and running to release often and easily and without worries about unexpected downtimes
Database Design, Programming and More
Anything from modelling the schema for a database to running it on Linux in production. Experienced with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and others
Reporting and Business Intelligence Implementation
Enabling access to all the information stored in your system with JasperServer and other tools

Our services are combined with custom documentation and a solid transfer to your team, to ensure that the improved simplicity and agility lives on until the next visit of simpligility technologies inc.. All communication, documentation and services are available in English and/or German.