Presenting an introduction to Android

AndroidAt the upcoming April 2010 meeting of the Vancouver Island Java User Group I will present about the Android operating system from the Open Handset Alliance. By now everybody with some technology interest has probably heard about that Google phone and Android, but there are still lots of open questions like…

  • So is it really Linux?
  • Is it using the JVM?
  • Do I have to write apps in Java?
  • What apps can I write and how can I publish them?
  • Do I have to use Eclipse?
  • What devices can and does Android run on?
  • Is it really open source?

I am going to try to answer all these questions and many more as well as show a little demo application and how it works internally. I will explain a few of the Android framework aspects and what API’s are available as well as hopefully lead a good discussion about the current developments.

I look forward to see you there.


The presentation is now available as Android Introduction Presentation PDF file.

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