Recap Presentation about Maven and Android

So yesterday I went over to Vancouver to present about Apache Maven and how it can be used for Android application development. There were about 20 people in the audience with a very wide range of exposure to Android development and Apache Maven. From my impression and the feedback on the meeting site everybody has learned something and had a good time. Just in case you missed it the Apache Maven and Android Development presentation slides are now available in PDF format. There is definitely a desire to introduce more power in the build process for Android application development and Maven is able to deliver that to many users.:

I am pretty happy with feedback like

  • Great presentation, lots of details from a knowledgeable speaker.
  • Great technical presentation about developing Android applications with Apache maven. Lots of details, and very well presented.
  • Got useful tips on Maven and starting with Android dev setup
  • I was looking for a command-line method of building code, so this may be a solution. Good presentation
  • Interesting presentation, will definitely check out Maven a bit more now.

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