Impressions from the first day of MVN 201

I am attending the advanced Maven training course offered by Sonatype today and tomorrow and thought I would just jot down my impressions while they are fresh. Last week I already got the training material and links to some awesome resources provided by Matthew McCullough.

The training started well, when Matt mentioned that he thinks deleting a line of code improves the code you are working on. I totally agree and always found refactoring sessions that remove reams of code especially satisfying. Anyway without further ado here is a list of impression and little things I learned (or thought worth mentioning although I knew them already):

  • Matthews examples on github are a great reference, Matthew even used the break to push another enhancement to it based on a question
  • properties are resolved by Maven core before they are passed into a plugin (e.g. when used in plugin configuration) and is therefore totally transparent to the plugin
  • profiles themselves are not inherited. Only the results are…
  • it is amazing how much you can theoretically configure the build with profiles and then lock things down with plugin/dependency management and the enforcer plugin – for heavy regulated environments or tight requirements this is ideal
  • in my opinion optional dependencies are nice, but I prefer adding them all in and then users can always use excluded to get rid of unused ones, less potential for screw ups
  • version numbers that don’t follow the standard naming convention (one, two or three digits) are dangerous when using ranges since string compare is used then.. (e.g. > !!)
  • the maven-archetype-site archetype looks pretty good, I hope this gets ported to Maven 3 reporting/site usage

So far this has been really good. I am looking forward to tomorrow..

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  3. Also attended both MVN-101 and MVN-201 one week apart.

    We are using maven on a daily basis in our organization for every single java project that we are working on. Looking back at where we come from it’s hard to imagine getting your work done during the day without it.

    In saying that, I found the course really informational. The material is really well presented and the instructors are quite knowledgeable and extremely patient even with the most basic of questions. 🙂

    Also the feedback after the course is really good. The instructor researched and answered questions that could not be answered in the online class.

    The course material and labs are well structured, and allows you to delve into maven at your own time and pace after the course.

    Definitely worth looking at if you are even remotely interested in maven, or thinking about migrating existing projects to it.

    Well done, Sonatype!


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