More Guice for Android and Maven central

Last week it seemed like the right people came together to get stuff done. You see, I had multiple attempts during the last year getting the no_aop jar for Google Guice 2.0 into Maven central and somehow things just did not not happen. With the plan for Roboguice 1.1 to be released shortly and the infrastructure unavailable as a Maven repository for the unforseeable future, we had a bit of a crunch. So Michael Burton and myself decided to try one more time to see if we can get Roboguice into Maven central. Problem is however that if you deploy to Maven central, your dependencies have to be there already. Sadly when Guice 2.0 got deployed the no aop artifact was forgotten. We created an issue on the guice issue tracker but somehow got no traction there.

So last week I tried again to make it happen and emailed Jason van Zyl and Brian Fox from Sonatype asking them for help on what could be done. And now its the end of the week and everything is done and up there. I built the no_aop sources and javadoc artifacts from the 2.0 release, Michael built the correct bundle of files after an initial trial from Jason and myself (my screw up), Jason pulled in Sam Berlin from the Guce team in as a reviewer and approver and Brian did some fixing after initial release and Jason signed and uploaded and basically handheld us through the process. It is so great to have this come together in a team effort like that! Now all Android developers that use the Maven Android Plugin or any other tool that is able to download artifacts from the central repo do not have to worry about manually downloading and controlling the artifacts. Maven Central is a great service taking care of all your dependencies for you. No need to check them into version control or manually update them. If only all artifacts would get there by default…

We are ready to get Roboguice 1.1 rolling soon! And a bit after that we are going to move to Guice 3 once it is finally released. And guess what – thanks to the Sonatype guys Google Guice 3 (at least the latest RC2) is already in Maven central and my clone of Roboguice is already successfully using it 😉

Now we just gotta get Google to let the community help with this even more. Maybe since we got the android jar up in central already, we could get the maps jar up there next? Only a few license and source issues in the way (there is no open source version of maps as far as I know) 😉 Maybe Google could create their own repository for stuff that is not suitable for pure open source deployment in Maven central. I am sure there would be many people around willing to help. How about that?

PS: if you want to find out more about the Maven Android Plugin, the Roboguice build or testing Android applications with Maven and related tools including CI setup you should drop by my presentations at AnDevCon … or you could come to the fireside chat about tooling to talk shop 😉

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