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OSCON Java 2011

OSCON has been long been one of THE places the open source community comes together. This year OReilly is hosting a special OSCON Java conference in parallel for the large open source Java community. And for me this is going to be the first year at OSCON and I will be presenting too. I will bring a bit of Android to the conference…

Looking at the program and presenters for OSCON Java looks like an enumeration of hot and interesting topics and well known speakers and I am not sure how I got to be on that list 😉

Anyway I will be presenting about Android tools starting with the SDK and ADT and go well beyond giving you an overview of all the cool libraries and tool out there to help you with your Android application development. And of course I am hoping to meet many of you there.


PS: If you want a 20% discount to attend OSCON Java and meet me there use the code os11fos

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