Git and github training

It is time again to get my skills brushed up to new levels. After getting Maven training from Matthew McCullough in the past I knew that git training from him would not disappoint. And since I use github every day and Matthew is THE github online trainer now I thought it should be worth my time to attend. Let’s see how I fared.

Matthew started off the morning with installing git and configuring it including things like

  • package installs
  • correct autocrlf config
  • ssh configuration
  • editor config

and others to get you up and running from the start without falling into some of the common pitfalls. Even the history of git got covered

In the second session Matt went on to show the use of basic add and commit. Then he went into using git patch mode (git commit -p…) for splitting changes in the same file and related tasks. He showed a whole bunch of other useful flags and commands for e.g. show and diff and ended with delving into gitignore.

After some more gitignore magic we look at file moving, renaming and the magic behind it all in a very thorough and super useful way. I learned about the similarity index and the used threshhold, which is handy once you grok it. Suddenly dealing with renames and moves becomes a lot easier.

In the afternoon we then started to dive into cloning a remote repo and working with it in a team. We did a lot of branching, changing, merging and went to create and work with pull requests on the github site with a whole group doing changes.

After that long in depth session we got a good look at stash including using it with patches/hunks and splitting them up. This all just scratches the surface of the goodies I learned. Most of it is available in Matthew’s github account, but of course if you want the full benefit you might have to join the online course happening again in the near future…

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