Androidsimpligility technologies past focus was on all aspects of Android application development and related activities like teaching and consulting, working on open source related components using Android and tooling as well as community work like presenting at events and more.

This focus is a good example of the breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding available from us.

Technical Experience

Android SDK
usage of many aspects of the SDK including widgets, storage, layouts, asynchronous task as well as familiarity with all tools
Build and release management
experienced with setup of automated build and release process including version management, different development and production configuration, obfuscation and optimization, deployment to repository and much more usages of the Android Maven Plugin and related tools
familiar with the SDK supplied testing and standard unit testing tools as well as Robolectric, Robotium and Calculon
Continuous Integration
experienced with setting up CI servers for team oriented development also including version control with Git, Mercurial, Bazaar or Subversion
committer on the dependency injection framework for Android
Barcode Scanning Integration
successfully integrated barcode scanning features off Google ZXing inside a custom application
Usage analysis
experience with integration of WebTrends
experience with integration of the BrightCove Media API and player
project owner of KSOAP2-Android, also experienced with JSON based web services, custom services and raw data retrieval for binary resources like PDF files or images


Android Introduction presentations at Vancouver Island Java User Group and Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of BC

Apache Maven and Android Application Development at Vancouver Android Developers, GTUG Barcelona, AndroidTO developer day event 2010, AnDevCon developer conference 2011

Unit and Integration Testing and Continuous Integration Server Usage at AnDevCon developer conference 2011

Android Open Source Development Tools presented at OSCON Java 2011


Author of the Android Application Development chapter in Maven: The Complete Reference

Various blog posts on this site

Wiki page maintenance and creation for various open source projects