Ever since hacking with a Commodore 64 back in the day, community was an important part of using computers to me. I believe that learning with friends and enjoying achievements together is an essential part of working with computers. I think it is important to be a good citizen of the communities I participate in and give back after receiving so many benefits from the open source and other communities including Linux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Java, Eclipse, Netbeans, Maven and a whole host of other tools, libraries and more. My involvement includes:

Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG
Founded the Vancouver Island Java User Group in 2005 and have been the main organizer of the group including the website and monthly meetings hosting numerous guest presenters.
Active committer
Main author and active maintainer of the project
Book: Maven: The Complete Reference – Android Development Chapter
Main author and maintainer of the chapter
Android Community Leaders Fireside Chat at AnDevCon 2011
main organizer of the event
Android Development Tooling Fireside Chat at AnDevCon 2011
main organizer of the event
JBoss jBPM
Inactive committer

Beyond these core activities we believe in helping out by reporting bugs and helping other users in forums, mailing lists, on twitter … and do so on a regular basis for projects like Ubuntu Linux, Apache Maven, Android and many more.