Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

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Android Open Source Development Tools at OSCON 2011

I am at OSCON Java 2011 and just finished presenting about Android open source development tools covering the supplied default tools in the SDK and going way beyond covering libraries and tools for all sorts of aspects of Android application development. With just under 30 people in the audience I went through a whirlwind tour of Android IDE’s, development tools, suitable Java and Android libraries and a lot more.

The slides are available for download (smaller file) and should give you great resource to dig deeper since all links are right there and active. Following up on just a few of the ideas will hopefully make you a more productive Android developer and inspire you to participate and join open source Android activities.

Enjoy and let me know if they are useful for you


Update: Added a short version of the presentation that removes the slides for the transitions as requested by @shawnlauzon

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • The count down for OSCON is closing in on me. Looks like there will be another late night preso prepping. #
  • I just love coding. And using #LaTeX beamer making a presentation is coding too 😉 #
  • Hey @Motorola_CA my wifi xoom is still stuck on 3.0.1 … where or how can I get an official update? #
  • Shorter than usual but still pure genius. Thx for the laughs Steve! ♻ @timbray: eBay Patents 10-Click Checkout: #
  • Enjoy route to #osconj with some #jvmlang and community leadership summit in the mix. Excited! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10

  • Got a whole bunch of #java 7 t-shirts for the launch event at the upcoming #vijug meeting. #
  • Got a coupon code for #vijug members attending the #java7 launch event from @eapps .. thanks! #
  • Hold on tight. @hugojosefson is working on releasing new versions of the #maven #android plugin. Some rocking features in the 3.0 alpha! #
  • It happened again. Problem with #maven build on #hudsonci #jenkinsci solved by changing from maven to freestyle project with maven step. #
  • Watching the #java7 launch event. Great cooperation across the globe! #
  • So where is the #ubuntu package for #openjdk #java7? #
  • So I would love to have #java7 available as package in #ubuntu now! You too? Vote here #
  • Welcome to github 😉 ♻ @romainguy: Want to use HierarchyViewer on your personal phone? Check out #android #androiddev #
  • Locked myself out of my own #hudsonci install. Good thing the config file is readable. Set security to disabled. Voila. I am back. #
  • Sweet. #abebooks is sponsoring the upcoming #java7 launch event at #vijug #
  • Looks like is taking off as coworking space in #yyj … awesome! #
  • So let me get this straight. NASA stops flying to space and launches an Android app. #rofl #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Love how the #maven #android plugin can deploy to all attached devices in one go. 2 emulators and 2 devices and counting.. #androiddev #
  • WebViewClient history wrong on HoneyComb? #
  • Got running instrumentation tests on ALL attached devices at once running yesterday with the #maven #android plugin. #
  • I am on a roll today. Lots of work for #maven #android and #hudson done. #
  • Alright.. I am google + #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

  • Wow.. the default centos livecd does not seem to have a install to harddisk feature. #fail #whatisthepoint #
  • OSCON for coffee and robots – I will bring some #android to #osconj and hope to meet you there #
  • That is a good thing imho.. ♻ @tobrien: I'm overtly contrarian. It's official. #
  • And yes later this year I will be presenting at AnDevCon 2 .. #maven #android #testing #hudson #
  • Registered for the JVM language summit before oscon .. will probably blow my mind #osconj #
  • Downloading Eclipse Indigo 😉 #
  • Congrats on the 365 days @reventazon … not a noogler anymore 😉 #
  • New release of ksoap2 for #android done. Now lets use some of these wrapper to cut down code.. #
  • YYYeeesssss! You make me laugh @javaposse .. #
  • #stackoverflow used to be great but quality of questions is seriously deteriorating. Using it less and less. #
  • Really enjoyed the #eclipse indigo demo at #vijug from @irbull tonight. Egit/github integration and mylyn/bugzilla integration look sweet! #
  • Awesome!! ♻ @tornorbye: JavaZone trailer, full version – I had forgotten how great The Shining is. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

  • Writing a book about #hudsonci I end up doing a whole lot more with the community. Exciting times! #
  • Great work! ♻ @jvanzyl: Sonatype's Maven 3.x integration has been merged into Hudson master. #
  • If google is seriously building a new Java build system, they sure got a serious case of #notinventedhere syndrom. #fail #
  • You can just build it yourself. The sdk tools are FULLY open source! ♻ @michaelg: @droidxav Please release this now 🙂 #
  • So true. I am not holding my breath for it. ♻ @rgladwell: when will Google play nice with their open source projects? #
  • yes.. shame and #fail .. they need a community manager ♻ @rgladwell: how google treat code, it's a real shame #
  • Better late than never 😉 Howdy Stacy♻ @BZK80: Welcome to Twitter, @BZSBurris! #
  • Totally!♻ @donnfelker: Huge morale boost: Work on stuff you REALLY care about 1-2 hours a day. You'll get a lot done and feel a ton better. #
  • ROFL♻ @jamescarr: OH: "I don't think git applies for environments like ours, with many teams and a high level of collaboration" Wait. What? #
  • I propose anybody who sends an autoresponder answer to a mailing list to get fired. Do it. #
  • One of those features you can never live without after you got used to it. ♻ @avolovoy: git stash is sent from heaven #

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Hudson – Book, Changes and Community

A long time ago I started to use continuous integrations (CI) servers starting with anthill and moving via Apache Continuum and Atlassian Bamboo to Hudson. Since then I feel that a project without CI builds is missing a crucial bit of infrastructure and communication tool, that can not be underestimated in value. And then earlier this year the opportunity to write on a book about Hudson presented itself to me…

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