Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-30

  • More #google #guice for #android and #maven central. Robguice ftw! Thanks @jvanzyl @emmby @Brian_Fox and Sam Berlin. #
  • Good move! “@java: Oracle nominates SouJava to the JCP Executive Committee. #IOUC” #
  • Great idea. ♻ @burke_eric: For thorny Android UI problems, Google searches frequently bring up answers from @romainguy. Let's clone him. #
  • Using android:tag instead of android:id makes layouts easier reusable across multiple applications. I wish someone told me that earlier. #
  • Same here.. ♻ @twoofour: $android update sdk –no-ui #
  • Hm.. should I add support for the new #android sdk update to the #maven android sdk deployer .. "HoneyComb" as version seems a bit silly #
  • Thanks for the honeycomb preview sdk .. I just wish you would have given it a better version like honeycomb-alpha-1 @droidxav @AndroidDev #
  • Wow… the new emulator for honeycomb #android plays back video much better! #
  • Whoa.. there gotta be a lot of stuff in Honeycomb… the android jar is 3MB bigger (form 8 to 11) @AndroidDev #
  • The #maven #android sdk deployer now supports honeycomb. Get going with those tablet apps 😉 #
  • LibreOffice, Android, Jenkins, No Rails Netbeans… wow. Oracle just doesn't get it at all. #
  • On my way to Vancouver #yvr to see @timbray at the #android dev meeting. #
  • Working at #wavefrontac before the #yvr #android developer meeting starts.. #

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More Guice for Android and Maven central

Last week it seemed like the right people came together to get stuff done. You see, I had multiple attempts during the last year getting the no_aop jar for Google Guice 2.0 into Maven central and somehow things just did not not happen. With the plan for Roboguice 1.1 to be released shortly and the infrastructure unavailable as a Maven repository for the unforseeable future, we had a bit of a crunch. So Michael Burton and myself decided to try one more time to see if we can get Roboguice into Maven central. Problem is however that if you deploy to Maven central, your dependencies have to be there already. Sadly when Guice 2.0 got deployed the no aop artifact was forgotten. We created an issue on the guice issue tracker but somehow got no traction there. Read more →

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • End of hacking on #roboguice for today. Good night 😉 #
  • Congrats to Ricardo for winning the bose headphone @sonatypecm @rgladwell .. nice reward for his #maven #android #eclipse work #
  • Tooling + Community fireside chats at #andevcon Spread the word @puleen @chris_saunders @MatthewPatience @pixeladdikt #
  • Working on my presentation about taking advantage of #maven for #android development at #andevcon Got lots of tricks coming 😉 #
  • Coding at koffi cafe on haultain #yyj .. good wifi and coffee 😉 #
  • Whoa .. LinkedHashMap.Entry is private in the JDK but public in Android. #androiddev #
  • Awesome.. guice 2.0 no aop artifact is heading to maven central. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

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Fireside chats at AnDevCon 2011

As you might or might not know I am going to present about using Apache Maven for Android development (306) as well as testing Android applications (406) at the upcoming first Android developer conference AnDevCon happening in March 2011 in San Francisco. Since preparation for that is not enough work I am running a fireside chat meeting for Android community leaders as well as Android development tooling interested people. Attendance is free so if you are around the conference or even just in San Francisco you should sign up meet some of your peers there.

I look forward to meeting many new faces and a lot of fun.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • My Nook emulator refuses to start. Anyone wanna send me device instead 😉 #
  • Playing with #android strict mode … with everything enabled it sure makes a todo list 😉 #
  • Totally agree there. ♻ @peteforde: Yours truly on what I think about fixed-price billing: #
  • Looks like somebody used my app with a Nexus S and Android 2.4 .. and there are no new crash reports. I wish that somebody was me. #
  • My blog post about using #android strictmode on lower platform versions is now on dzone. #

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Android StrictMode for all platform versions

With the release of the Android platform 2.3 aka Gingerbread a while ago us developers got a great tools into our hands: StrictMode. Unfortunately if you application still needs to be run on on older versions of Android you are a bit out of luck. Until now at least because I will show you how to use StrictMode in development even if your app e.g. supports Android 1.6 and up.
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • Finally upgraded my rooted #htc magic to #android 2.2. .. #cyanogenmod rocks! #
  • Playing with Android speech recognition.. #
  • Why do all these twitter analysis tools require a login. All my tweets are public anyway? #
  • Doing a bit of #android ui hacking at #seriouscoffee #
  • So far my #android ui hack is going will. Will probably hit github in 2011 😉 #
  • So far my #android ui hack is going well. Going to hit #github in 2011 probably 😉 #

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