Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • Not sure whats going on but debugging is either dog slow or not working at all today. #fail #
  • U Rock!โ™ป @manningr Maybe this will pick up your spirits: #android SDK 2.3.1 (#gingerbread) is now in #maven central : #
  • Xing is really retarded with all those features disabled unless you pay up. #fail #
  • Spiced up my website with a few buttons. #rss #linkedin and so on. #
  • Just found a class mentioned in an #android trace BoringLayout … love the naming #androiddev #
  • Do a find in project in #xcode and look at the spelling of eveyrwhere ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • Installing the #android ndk .. here we go. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-19

  • great write up about the #android market client design/code thanks @kirillcool #
  • Fuzzing around with the #nook emulator and the problem that it seems to have the default theme set to white background… #
  • Developing and debugging by running 4 #android emulators at the same time and checking for difference. Time to look at MonkeyRunner? #
  • Just got my ergodesktop kangaroo delivered. Tomorrow I will be coding like man was meant to work. Standing upright ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • Pulled in a contribution for #ksoap2 #android for cookie support and http header property support. Release in the next days. #androidev #
  • Got some tips for hyphenation or wrapping sentences in #android #i18n #androiddev – help me out #
  • you mean it is completely full and complete empty at the same time of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ @jbqueru #
  • So you wanna help me out with #i18n on #android then? @therealhfwang @kirillcool @romainguy @romannurik #
  • Taking screenshot after screenshot. How boring.. #
  • Well.. what would they say? Just toss junit and move to TestNG! โ™ป @cbeust: The JUnit team is trying hard not to mention TestNG… #
  • Need some insight from #android gurus #i18n @kirillcool @therealhfwang @commonsguy @retomeier @romainguy @romannurik #
  • And thanks to you all at #google for helping! โ™ป @romainguy: To all #android developers: thanks for writing cool apps and games! #androiddev #
  • I just became a master of the #farmtower Awesome #androidto game. #
  • RT @AndroidDev: Gingerbread AOSP push starting now; a bit of patience is in order: #
  • Finally got around to blogging about #proguard for your #android app. Including getting it to work with #roboguice #
  • RT @emmby: Hints for using Proguard on your Android app | simpligility #
  • Japanese people must all have great memory. Using a i18n app for testing with all the different symbols. How can you remember them all? #wow #
  • How about sharing the auto text resizing button code on google code or so and save us all some time reimplementing @kirillcool #androiddev #
  • Just in case… dont switch the japanese and the chinese ime on in your #android emulator unless you want it to slow down lots.. #

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Hints for using Proguard on your Android app

So last time I explained how to set up Proguard in your Maven build for your Android application without getting yourself into trouble with regards to different operating systems or with automatically saving your mapping file in case you use obfuscation and want to be able to make sense of the stack traces in the Android market backend. I however mostly left out any tips on configuring proguard itself, since this is a whole other chapter. And thats what I am going to explain a bit more in detail today..
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-12

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Proguard for Android with Maven without shooting yourself in the foot

So with the introduction with the Android License Validation Library and now with the SDK tools revision 8 and the integrated options, Proguard has gained more and more interest in the Android developer community and users of the Android Maven Plugin are certainly not left behind. Of course Proguard is a fairly powerful tool that overs plenty of opportunity to get yourself into trouble or long debugging sessions. With this post I am going to show you how to best set up proguard usage in your Maven based Android application build. So lets get started.
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Apache Maven, Android and Testing at AnDevCon

AnDevConAfter presenting about Apache Maven usage for Android development at the Vancouver Android Developer group and the Barcelona GTUG as well as the first Canadian Android Developer conference AndroidTO, I am taking another step forward. Coming March 2011 I will be presenting about using the Maven Android Plugin and associated tools from setup to publishing your application on the market as well as running continuous integration servers and working with instrumentation tests and related toolkits probably showcasing Robotium as well as RoboElectric.

It would be great if you could join me there as well as let me know if there is any specific topics in this context that you would like to see discussed.

I am also contemplating organizing some sort of Maven Android Plugin or even a more generic build tool related BOF or so. Would you be interested in something like that? If so let me know here or on the Maven Android Developers mailing list.

I look forward to meet you in San Francisco.


Gingerbread support for the Maven Android SDK Deployer

With the release of the latest and greatest Android platform nicknamed Gingerbread with the more official version number 2.3 or the even geekier API number 9 an updated was due. The latest version of the Maven Android SDK Deployer now supports the new release on the day of the release of the update and allows users of the Maven Android Plugin to get hacking on their 2.3 based projects and prototype.s



Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • Don't forget to come to the #vijug meeting this Thusday. #scala #gridgain goodness. @intellijidea @javerebel to win. #
  • I downloaded the #cisco cius android emulator skin and my app works like a charm. Now I just wish I had a readl device to test with as well. #
  • The new @googlereader #android app needs a way to download and save e.g. podcast files rather than launching into the browser. #
  • It rocks! โ™ป @nicolasgramlich: Up to now, over 1527 people played the full version of #FarmTower – 120 actually purchased it. #WIN #
  • Looking forward to the #vijug meeting about #gridgain and #scala to start shortly. #
  • The #scala dsl for #gridgain and its use is very impressive. #
  • I filed a critical bug last night about @intellijidea EAP startup failues and today I see that it has been retracted because of this bug. #
  • Recap about @gridgain visiting #VIJUG posted at #
  • I will be presenting about #maven usage for #android development at @AnDevCon … details to follow and input welcome! #
  • Must have to any #androiddev โ™ป @commonsguy: #rwx2010 Warescription Lite special — 3 #androiddev books + 6 months of updates = $20 #
  • Showstopper bug I found last night is fixed โ™ป @intellijidea: [blog] IntelliJ IDEA 10 RC 3; indexing speed improvements #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21

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