Improving the mavenized JasperServer 3.7 sample webapp build

So in my last post I documented how to migrate the ant build from the JasperServer 3.7 Java sample web application to a maven based build and we got that happening pretty quickly. We ended up with an easier way to deploy the application, a much smaller checkout and clearer understanding of the dependencies. However looking closely, we can certainly improve matters. Lets see what we can do.

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Documenting Android Development with Apache Maven

Shortly after my first hack day with Android development and the conclusion that I really like where the platform and development is going, I started to look at building Android application outside the Android Developer Toolkit in Eclipse. I started using IntelliJ IDEA for Android development in parallel as well as wanted to investigate command line and later continuous integration builds. It did not take me long to shy away from the Apache Ant based build and look around for a plugin for my trusted Apache Maven that would help me along the cause. I found the maven-android-plugin and quickly joined the effort.

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How to mavenize a typical web application build: JasperServer 3.7 sample webapp

Now that JasperServer 3.7 has been released and the community edition hit sourceforge I thought there is a good example to showcase the conversion of a web application build from ant to maven and what tricks you can employ. The sample web application that ships with JasperServer is a good example, since it uses a standard ant build as created by Netbeans with the usual checked in jar files and all. It is also a good candidate, since it finally works again after being broken for ages all through the last 3.5 release cycle. So lets get started.
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Maven Android SDK Deployer adds SDK 2.1 support

The massive media blitz with the release of the Google Nexus One Phone recently was followed by the release of the Android SDK 2.1 today. Of course that had to be followed up with a new release of the Maven Android SDK Deployer. I created the tool for all the users of the Maven Android Plugin as a reaction to Google response to a request to put the artifacts into the central repository (we got stonewalled). In the process I added the requested feature of deploying only a specific SDK version subset of jars.
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Launching early

3, 2, 1 .. Blast Off. simpligility technologies inc is launching the web site to bring you our excitement and services.

We have big plans for the web site and simpligility technologies inc. as a company. Trying to launch the perfect site however could take a while so true to the theme of simpilicity and agility the site is up.

What works best for software development projects, also works best for a company web site. Get it out there in front of your customers as soon as possible to gather feedback and improve it continuously. Rather than waiting until everything is just right, which in my critical eyes probably will never happen, I am giving you a first cut of the simpligility technologies inc. website. Without a whole library of technical posts or a fancy design. Just plain simple content brought to you in an agile fashion.

Expect to see a lot more coming to the site though, so check back regularly or subscribe to the feed. Give us your feedback and contact us for our services.