You don’t do Repository Driven Development yet? Where have you been?

I have been doing a lot of software development and related work by now and there are some things I just don’t get. One of them is “Why are people not using repositories more?” and practice what I would call Repository Driven Development (RDD sic!). Once you are using them, the benefits are just so obvious, that it is hard to imagine why you would not want to allow easy reuse of your artifacts, seemless distribution, ease of use for your end users and more. But let’s step back for a second and start at the beginning. Read more →

Ask Your Expert Peers

As part of presenting the last couple of AnDevCon conferences I have organized and hosted so called fireside chat sessions named. They are following the concept used at the Google IO conference, where a panel of topic experts is available in an open questions and answers session. Having evolved this a bit we are now introducing these sessions at our VIJUG meetings and call them Ask Your Expert Peers. So how does it work and what is the intention?

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A fantastic opportunity to learn Git

Sometimes it takes planning and persistence for things to come together, but then when it happens you end up with great opportunities. An awesome example is the Git and GitHub workshop that is going to happen in Victoria, BC on the 29th of August 2012. The well known speaker, author, trainer and VP of Training at GitHub Matthew McCullough is coming to town to present at a joint event of the Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG and the Google Developer Group Victoria BC on the 30th of August. For those interested in more than just a short presentation we are hosting a full day training course of incredible value to anybody from Git beginner to long-time GitHub user.

In the interest of being able to organize a correctly sized venue and to ensure that we do not have to turn you away I would ask you all to find out more about the event on the registration page and book as soon as possible.

As the local organizer and contact person, feel free to contact me for more detail. Especially also if you are interested in sponsoring the event venue or attendee lunch/coffee!

I look forward to hear from you and see you there


Google IO 2012 Recap

So I am back from my first Google IO conference now after lucking out with the ticket purchase process (raffle?!) and missing out two year in a row before. I am glad it worked out this time, because it was a great show. In fact there were so many highlight and announcements that some products seemed to make no progress on the surface while in fact if you went to the respective sessions and paid attention you found out that LOTS is going on and I will mention some of my observations as GDG leader and long time Android developer and open source developer.
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