Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

  • Exiting week started. Nexus 2.0 launch with lots of cool new features. Maven 101 training with me as trainer. I am sooo busy. #
  • Awesome. Nexus 2.0 is live. Pro and OSS, new website, updated book, videos – the works. Go get it while its hot. #
  • The updates for the Nexus book I wrote cover new features of 2.0 features and slightly changed configs. Check it out #
  • It will be! ♻ @rssfed23: attending #mvn101 tomorrow with @SonatypeCM & @simpligility – should be a good, informative day! #maven #
  • With Sonatype Nexus 2.0 out another major software is ready for #java 7. Keep it coming everyone! #
  • After the notifications and voice activation now permissions will come to iOS. It is getting more and more similar to #android 😉 #
  • The #maven fundamentals class is a go. We got users on all platforms .. love the diversity 😉 #
  • More magic by @tobrien “@SonatypeCM: Nexus Pro 2.0: Availability Architecture – Smart Proxy #sonatypenexus

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

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Android Compatibility Library following Lint

I just uploaded Android Lint to the Central Repository recently as part of my work on the Android4Maven project and now my good friend and conspirator Jake Wharton and myself have done the groundwork to get the compatibility/support library V4 in revision 6 there as well. It should be there right now and you can use it in your project with


This should help projects like ActionBarSherlock, Roboguice and others getting cleanly into the Central Repository too. if you want to see a working example just take a look at the pom file of the support4demos app in the samples for the Android Maven Plugin.


PS: v13 should follow when some requirements to build it (ICS-MR2) are in central..

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

  • Merged pull request 100 for the #android #maven plugin today. Thanks to all the contributors. Keep bringing it! #
  • Learn all about the #sonatype #nexus repository server at the training class with me! Too late for today but maybe next time. #
  • Most of the introductory stuff of #sonatype #nexus training is done. On to the cool stuff for the afternoon. #
  • JavaFX is out as beta for Linux. JSR335 is merging JavaME and SE. Great things happening in the Java world. OpenJDK on Android next please #
  • #android support/compatibility package bundle is ready for upload to central #maven repo. Some QA from @jakeWharton and its a go! #

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Android Lint available in the Central Repository

Ever since the Android Lint tool was released by Xavier, Tor and the rest of the great team at the Android Tools project, I thought this would be really great to have as a goal for the Android Maven Plugin. Since I am core committer and merge master of the plugin and implemented a bunch of goals already I had that side covered. Now I just needed to make the Android Lint tool available for the plugin.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

  • Already sent him that way. Another convert. ♻ @matthewmccull: @wakaleo @aalmiray Asciidoc. Love it. Best of both. #
  • Looking forward to 2.0.0 even more though! ♻ @aheritier: Another Christmas gift : #sonatype #nexus is out ! #
  • I am not aware of a java wrapper for asciidoc.. @aalmiray @simpligility @matthewmccull @wakaleo #
  • Fixed some problems with my proguard config for @AndroidDev with wide sweeping keep. At least it works again.. #
  • Proposal for @AnDevCon 3 to present about advanced #Maven usage with #Nexus and @hudsonci @jenkinsci is out. Back to to @AndroidDev #

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