Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

  • Done a few more improvements for the #android #maven plugin. Looks like we should push a 3.0.1 release out soon. #
  • Wow… @JakeWharton is on a roll of awesomeness around @AndroidDev .. do you sleep some times Jake? #
  • Released #maven #android sdk deployer with updated readme for the #android sdk r16 release. #
  • Should be interesting. ♻ @TWiT: Just posted: FLOSS Weekly 194: MySQL And MariaDB #
  • Man .. I am on a roll today. #android dev with #roboguice and the compatibility library rocks! #
  • Evidently android string and string-array resources have a undocumented flag translatable="false". Great to use with lint! #androiddev #
  • Alright – thanks @Motorola_CA – my xoom got updated to #android 3.2. Looking forward to get ICS next. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

  • Really jazzed to be teaching #sonatype #nexus class tomorrow. #
  • Help … what #irc client are people using? Preferably an active project… #
  • Lunch time for the #sonatype #nexus class. Great interested attendees. Looking forward to all the cool stuff coming next. #
  • Question from my #nexus class: Are the JavaFX 2.0 artifacts in some public repository somewhere @javafx4you @JavaFXpert @steveonjava #
  • Agreed. The dumb zones back from the DVD days repeated. #fail ♻ @mastermaq: I'm so sick of geographic limitations on new apps and services. #
  • WebOS is being open sourced. Good luck with building a community HP! Maybe the assets of WebOS could be absorbed by the #android community. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-04

  • Google catalogs is not compatible with any of my devices … hey @AndroidDev have you heard of the compatibility library? #fail #
  • 3k on stackoverflow reached with casual usage. Not too shaby. #
  • Anybody that says porting code from an activity to a fragment is an easy refactor has not done it. Lots of subtle differences. #androiddev #
  • And people talk about fragmentation for native android development. #rofl #androiddev #
  • Wow.. @Pab_loMiranda: Great news for #YYJ ! Microsoft opening major game design studio in downtown Victoria! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-27

  • I try to do my part 😉 ♻ @github: Getting dangerously close to 200k daily code pushes, you guys aren't messing around! #
  • Today #macports and repo are downloading the internet and I will continue to compile #android and the world. #
  • The Hudson Book now in different formats. #hudsonci #
  • Using #android fragments and dynamically adding action bar menu items can have some interesting effects. Still gotta crack that one. #
  • Listening to #prince while hacking is the only thing from keeping me from going insane with #fragments and #actionbar menu items. #
  • Go get it unless you are using snapshot! ♻ @roboguice: RoboGuice 2.0b3 now available: #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

  • As great as it sounds #GoogleMusic is a non event due to "We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States" #fail #
  • Rofl @CodeWisdom: "Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet." – Chris Heilmann #
  • Totally agreed. Most weeks are.. ♻ @romainguy: Pretty good week for #android ICS source code, music store and Galaxy Nexus now available #
  • I did a new release of #ksoap2 for #android for those needing #soap yesterday. Enjoy! #
  • That is a shame. Hopefulle Evan can get his next project happening. ♻ @InHubCowork: InHub is Closing its Doors – #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-13

  • #JavaFx / #Visage actually looks pretty neat for #Android dev. Might have to see if I can get it to build with #maven @steveonjava #
  • The testing workshop at #AnDevCon was packed! Well over a hundred people. Now I need some refreshment for my voice.. #
  • Presentation for testing #android app is live #
  • The slides about apache #maven for your #android builds as presented at @AnDevCon are up. #
  • Listening to @cnkurzke and @commonsguy about #GoogleTV I like the controller with mandatory keyboard. #
  • The fireside chats last night we're GREAT. And today @AnDevCon is off to a great start as well. Learning lots.. #
  • Watching @romainguy and @chethaase demo #android ics at @AnDevCon I can't wait to get it on my Nexus S. #
  • The new GridLayout is in the compatibility library. Sweet! Gotta check it out when I get back… @AnDevCon @AndroidDev #
  • In @emmby 's class about #roboguice … live coding. Sweet. #
  • Quoting @emmby "I use Maven all the time so I forget that live is hard if you don't use it" … Love it and could not agree more. #
  • Problems building the #roboguice example from the @AnDevCon class with ADT 14+? Change the android maven plugin version to 3.0.0-alpha-13 #
  • Updated roboguice calculator example with working maven build at github @emmby #
  • Exactly. Bring it on!!! RT @huettermann: A #protip for all who complain about unfixed bugs in open source software: fix it yourself! #
  • After the keynote at @AnDevCon now.. Come with your coffee or ice cream to the #android #maven book signingfor a free book. #
  • Book signing done and plenty of happy #maven #android users around. Back at #roboguice now. #
  • Having a pen with your tablet really would make a whole bunch of things nicer. Eg my boys would love drawing with it. @htcdev @AnDevCon #
  • Also keynote at a developer conference that actually shows some code and dives in. Thank @htcdev for not wasting time with marketing only. #
  • Home after a rocking @AnDevCon thx to @emmby @donnfelker @JakeWharton @cnkurzke @commonsguy @BZK80 @suzalex and many other new friends #
  • News about testing #android apps from @AnDevCon #tdd #bdd #ci #
  • Same at @AnDevCon – refreshing. @jhirn: Loving the lack of #Maven hate at #clojure_conj #
  • Are you in town? @waynebeaton: Anybody who would vote for Ottawa as Canada's most beautiful city has never been to Victoria. #
  • Now we need it in the compat lib. @romainguy: Introduction to Android's new layout, GridLayout #androiddev #android” #

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Apache Maven at AnDevCon II

With a sore throat I braved through the presentation about taking advantage of Apache Maven for your Android application development builds today in front of 40 or so people. I have the impression that the interactive session with demos was well received, but will find out more later. In any case for those of you who missed it the slides are now online for your pleasure. One of the main take aways for me was that we need to ref the plugin version to be at least beta or even better 3.0.0 final and then iterate and improve after because people have this perception that alpha means not stable… why do they think that 😉 The alphas of the Android Maven Plugin are rock solid and I have been using the in production for months..

In the spotlight

Having worked with Apache Maven since the Maven 1 days, committing on various open source projects around Maven and Maven usage, using Nexus and Hudson and finally writing the Android chapter of Maven: The Complete Reference, got me into working with the great people at Sonatype. And now they put me into the spotlight. It has been great working with Tim, Jason, Emily, Brian, Juven and all the others and I am looking forward to many more great projects we do together in the future.