Apache Maven at AnDevCon II

With a sore throat I braved through the presentation about taking advantage of Apache Maven for your Android application development builds today in front of 40 or so people. I have the impression that the interactive session with demos was well received, but will find out more later. In any case for those of you who missed it the slides are now online for your pleasure. One of the main take aways for me was that we need to ref the plugin version to be at least beta or even better 3.0.0 final and then iterate and improve after because people have this perception that alpha means not stable… why do they think that ๐Ÿ˜‰ The alphas of the Android Maven Plugin are rock solid and I have been using the in production for months..

In the spotlight

Having worked with Apache Maven since the Maven 1 days, committing on various open source projects around Maven and Maven usage, using Nexus and Hudson and finally writing the Android chapter of Maven: The Complete Reference, got me into working with the great people at Sonatype. And now they put me into the spotlight. It has been great working with Tim, Jason, Emily, Brian, Juven and all the others and I am looking forward to many more great projects we do together in the future.



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Testing Android Applications – Going from Zero to Hero

Okay… my voice is better now that I had a cup of hot water after holding the workshop about testing Android applications and talking for 4 hours. I covered a lot of ground all the way from plain java testing via Instrumentation testing, Robotium, Robolectric, Borachio and more all the way to running it all on Hudson. Links, details and more are all in the slides.

I hope you will like it.

New Android Maven Samples

The samples supported by the community around the Android Maven plugin are a great resource to show how you can use the plugin for various use cases ranging from a simple app all the way to full release build examples or integration with native libraries, native code or external libraries.

Now I have updated the ApiDemos suite that runs instrumentation tests to use API level 10 instead of the old Android 1.5/API level 3 example and added a mavenized version of the sample code for the V4 compatibility library called support4demos.

Its all in the snapshot version in master on github now and ran just fine on Jenkins as well. Go check it out and come to my presentation at AnDevCon next week to learn more.

Hudson, CI and more interviews

Even though I ended up not making it JavaOne 2011 and watching it all via the interwebs I did prepare a presentation about Hudson together with Tim. He ended up doing a great job presenting without me and I will present about Hudson and CI with Android at AnDevCon anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

But in the build up to JavaOne I got interviewed about using Hudson, CI and more by the great folks of theserverside, a web site I have been reading since I started doing Java development. It turned out that I talked so much that two interview articles came out of it. You should read them both ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Android Maven Documentation Update

With my presentation about the Android Maven Plugin at AnDevCon coming up shortly and a huge bunch of changes in the plugin recently is was time to update the Android development chapter in the free book Maven: The Complete Reference. So it got it done and the lastest version available it up to date with the 3.0.0-alpha-12 release of the plugin.

I hope this is helpful and look forward to your feedback. Oh and if you want a hardcover copy there will be a book signing at AnDevCon where you could get a free copy.

See you at AnDevCon or on the Maven Android Developer mailinglist.


PS: and if you want to help, send me a pull request on github!

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